While we all knew it was hot last month, some may even say too hot, the Met Office has confirmed that not only was it the brightest July in seven years, but the month also saw its highest recorded temperature since 2006.

Across the month, the mean temperature at Ronaldsway measured 16.9°C, equalling the July record set in 2006 and there were 16 days when the maximum temperature exceeded 20°C. The hottest day was July 22 when we reached 26.7°C, also the highest recorded in July since 2006.

The month was also brighter than a particularly bright light bulb as there were 240.9 hours of bright sunshine during the month, almost 20% more than normal, making it the sunniest July since 2014.

There was also very little chance for Manxies to say it was ‘blowing a hooley’ as the mean speed for the month measured just 7.4mph. This is the second lowest figure on record with only July 1972 recorded less (7.3mph).

Looking upwards, there was very little rainfall in July, in fact there were 21 completely dry days and the total rainfall measured just 30.4mm, half the July average. Most of that rain actually fell during the thunder and lightning storms last week.

Finally the Met Office informed us that they recorded no hail for the month of July. 

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