Wells to Lead Douglas Council

Councillor Claire Wells has been elected as the new Leader of Douglas Borough Council.

Mrs Wells succeeds David Christian as leader having previously chaired the Council’s Housing Committee.

Elsewhere on the Council, Janet Thommeny is now the housing chair, Stephen Pitts remains as Regeneration and community chair, Falk Horning has taken over the Environmental Services chairman and John Skinner has taken the reins of the Pensions Committee.

The new trimmed down Council is made up as follows:

Executive committee: Claire Wells (chairman), Stephen Pitts, Ian Clague, Falk Horning and Janet Thommeny.

Housing and property committee: Janet Thommeny (chairman), John Skinner, Steven Crellin and Peter Washington. 

Regeneration and community committee: Stephen Pitts (chairman), Natalie Byron, Andrew Bentley and Frank Schuengel. 

Environmental services committee:  Falk Horning (chairman), Natalie Byron, John Skinner and Devon Watson. 

Pensions committee: John Skinner (chairman), Falk Horning, Steven Crellin, Janet Thommeny and Andrew Thomas (independent member). 

Representatives on outside bodies

Eastern district civic amenity site joint committee: Natalie Byron

Douglas Town Band committee: Peter Washington, (one vacancy).

Isle of Man Municipal Association: Frank Schuengel and Peter Washington

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