Time to Play The Game?

Plans have been submitted for an entertainment business in what could be an exciting first for the north of the island.

Paul Shanley, as Pixel Entertainment Lounge, is seeking to convert the disused shop at 2/4 Peel Street, Ramsey into a gaming lounge. There had been plans first unveiled last year for the business but now we have a location and more info on Mr Shanley’s plans.

Mr Shanley’s application says: ‘I wish to use the ground floor as a “Gaming Lounge” This would consist of using the three main rooms for customers. One room would house a VR headset and six state of the art gaming consoles, one room would be the “arcade room” housing one arcade machine, six modern and vintage gaming consoles and a table for board games and adults to sit at and one ‘VIP room’ consisting of a PlayStation 5 and projector set up. Maximum occupancy of the VR room will be three customers, maximum occupancy of the Arcade room will be eight customers, maximum occupancy of the VIP room will be four customers.

‘Although there is plenty of things for young people to do outdoors in Ramsey I do feel this is a good chance to offer the less sporty people somewhere to go and enjoy themselves. We also plan to offer autism friendly periods once a month and potentially have periods for older people to come and use the VR headsets when the rest of the Lounge is closed. Proposed opening hours are 4pm-8pm on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, 10am-8pm on Saturday (staying open to 10pm once a month for an over 18 session) and 10am-4pm on Sunday.’

He says that other than decorating and changing internal windows, he would not need to make any changes to the building which previously was used for office space and prior to that was a travel agent. Due to the location of the proposed business, Mr Shanley says parking is not an issue as there are large public parking spaces available and that his business would compliment existing nearby restaurants. 

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