Learn Something New at Culture Fest

POC IOM’s Culture Fest is a celebration of the diverse people and cultures we have on the Isle of Man and how they come together to define what it exactly means to be Manx. The festival, which takes place on August 21 at The Nunnery, Douglas, will see music, art, sports and more on offer with tickets priced at £11.37, or free for under-18s.

As if we hadn’t lined up enough entertainment with all the food, stalls, activities and music available at Culture Fest, we have another added extra for you!

POC IOM wanted to take the time to acknowledge some of the incredible charities and organisations on the Isle of Man who pour themselves into helping others. Culture Fest will provide a special platform for organisations to come and share what they do in the community, whilst also running some workshops for all ages!

We love the idea of people coming to Culture Fest and trying something new, whether it’s tasting new foods, listening to different music or, in the case of the charity lead workshops, bringing new ideas into their life.

We have a fantastic line up of so many exciting groups who will be leading workshops on the day. So without further ado, over to the workshop leaders!

Culture Vannin 

Join in this interactive journey into the stories of the past. Discover some hidden histories, meet some fascinating figures, and find the surprising similarities between their stories and your own. It will be an engaging interactive story/show that will last for around 20 minutes.

Isle of Pride 

Isle of Pride aims to promote equality, diversion and inclusion for all, regardless of gender, sexuality, colour, religion or ability. They want to provide support, guidance and advice, not only to the Island’s LGBTQ+ population, but also to the wider community. 

Their workshop of the day is called ‘The Genderbread Person.’ Every ‘genderbread’ person is unique – an opportunity to explore gender identity, gender expression, biological sex, sexual attraction and romantic attraction when we remove traditional binary assumptions. This workshop will be suitable for ages 11 and up.

Lyph Lab: 

Do juice cleanses work? What makes something a SUPERFOOD? Are antioxidants evil?  Should you be doing keto? Facilitated by Haafizah Hoosen, this workshop looks at the impact of some of today’s most common food trends and explores the science of food from all over the world! A workshop brought to you by Lyph Lab. 

Manx Student Union

A workshop run by Orry Kerr (Current Affairs Representative) and Cat Woolley (Founder) on the importance of access to education in a small community. They’ll be on hand throughout the day to provide information about higher education and answer questions by students, parents and guardians. Come along to find out more about your choices both in and out of education!


Run by Dan and Elsa, we will be taking a tour of the taste buds in “Where in the World – Food Edition”. Think your foodie skills are up to scratch? Well, put this to the test in our educational game that will challenge you in all things cuisine! Get ready to be active as this game involves a fair bit of moving around and hey, who knows, you might even be able to try some of the foods featured here at Culture Fest. This workshop will be suitable for primary school aged children and families.

Victim Support

Victim Support won’t be running a workshop this time around, however, they will be in the main tent with a fundraising stall including information on their services, a children’s instant raffle and a fun game with prizes. Pop in to hear about their work, and to try your luck! 

Women of Mann

The Women of Mann team have been busy planning not one, but two incredible workshops for you!

Workshop 1: Computers aren’t perfect

We all have biases, but did you know how much they can affect the world around us? This interactive workshop considers the bias of technology and the ways it can influence our lives. Suitable for school aged children and adults.  

Workshop 2: The weight of expectations

In this workshop, Women of Mann help us consider the preconceived notions we carry with us. Does our assigned or chosen sex always match our characteristics? How do the pressures to conform to traditional notions affect men, women, and non-binary people? Is there a better way? Suitable for all ages.

Be sure to visit the Women of Mann stall, as they will also have a number of other activities to take part in, as well as running a ‘story time’ session. How exciting! 

Most of these guys will be sticking around for the family portion of the day to promote their work and answer any questions you might have for them, so be sure to pay them a visit! Please note that spaces in most workshops will be limited so, if you are keen to go, be sure to get there in a timely manner. The official workshop running order will be released soon, so keep your eyes peeled. 



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