On The Road to Culture Fest

POC IOM’s Culture Fest is a celebration of the diverse people and cultures we have on the Isle of Man and how they come together to define what it exactly means to be Manx. The festival, which takes place on August 21 at The Nunnery, Douglas, will see music, art, sports and more on offer with tickets priced at £11.37, or free for under-18s.

So for anyone coming to Culture Fest in your cars and are like those of us that like to plan ahead, you might be wondering what arrangements we have in place? 

Something we need to point out is that The Nunnery will not have parking on site for Culture Fest goers. The Nunnery parking will be reserved for all Culture Fest staff, volunteers, businesses and musicians on the day. Buses, taxis, and disability-badge holders will be permitted to drop off at The Nunnery, but unfortunately will not be allowed to stay parked. Any drop offs will enter through the main gate and exit out the Tesco gate. 

POC IOM have been working hard to put arrangements in place to ensure ease of access for all. First of all, we encourage people to use the free bus service to and from Culture Fest, you can find the timetable here. However, if you do need to drive yourself in, you have a few options available… 

Firstly, Kewaigue Primary School have kindly donated their car park for Culture Fest goers to use for the day. Kewaigue school is only a short walk from The Nunnery, and has a number of spaces available so is well placed for anyone visiting the event.

Secondly, Dandara has also kindly donated a car park on Lake Road for us to use for Culture Fest, you can see a map for this at the bottom of the page. The car park will be clearly signposted so it should be easy for you to spot. There are 59 spaces available, and this car park will be open from 8am on the 21st August until 5pm on the 22nd of August. Thank you Dandara! 

There are also some public car parks and disc zones within The Nunnery vicinity for the public to use… 

  • The Bowl Car Park at the NSC – This is a free car park, which is not a disc zone at the weekend. It is around a 15 minute walk to get onto The Nunnery Grounds. 
  • The Tongue Car Park – located on the Quay, this is only a short walk to The Nunnery grounds, however their regular fees will apply. 
  • Shaw’s Brow Car Park – Located on Church Street, it’s around a 10-15 minute walk to The Nunnery grounds. Again, their regular fees will apply. 
  • Old Castletown Road – Disc Zones. Along the start of Old Castletown Road as you come off the Quay, there are some limited 90 minute disc zone car parking spaces that are free for the general public to use. 

We hope this has helped people to understand the arrangements we’ve put in place and make it as easy as possible for you to visit Culture Fest and join in the fun. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at pocisleofman@gmail.com or any of our social media accounts. If you want to buy tickets for the event you can get them here.



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