Operations Cancelled Due to Lack of Beds

Reduced bed capacity at Noble’s Hospital, in part caused by the closure of care homes on the island, has led to more surgeries being cancelled.

Gef contacted Manx Care after a woman told us her operation was cancelled at short notice after she had already gone through the pre-surgery meeting, Covid testing and isolation requirements.

A spokesperson for Manx Care said that ‘elective procedures were cancelled yesterday as a result of general pressure across the hospital, which remains busy’.

The spokesperson added: ‘A large part of the reason for that is due to what we call ‘delayed transfer of care’ which is where patients in hospital cannot be discharged to an onward care facility, thus requiring treatment in beds that would usually be occupied by people having elective surgery. 

‘In this case, there are a number of patients who cannot go to their preferred care home given that many residential homes for older people are closed to new admissions at the moment because of Covid (homes operated by Manx Care and some privately-operated facilities), or patients are waiting for a place to become available in a facility that is best placed to meet their ongoing care needs. Bed capacity across the entire Noble’s site remains under constant review and is being closely managed. 

‘Decisions to cancel operations are not taken lightly, and procedures that have been postponed will be rescheduled as quickly as possible in line with the clinical need of the patient.’

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