DHSC Says Dr’s Evidence was ‘Unfounded’

The Department of Health and Social Care has rubbished comments made by the island’s most senior doctor to a Tynwald standing committee.

Yesterday we reported on much of the shocking evidence provided by the island’s Medical Director Dr Rosalind Ranson. The Public Accounts Committee also invited the DHSC to respond to the claims made by Dr Ranson. 

However, in its response to her evidence, the DHSC has said that ‘much of the information presented is inaccurate, has no evidence base, is unfounded and/or is unprofessional in terms of respecting colleagues and command and decision making structures’.

It added: ‘Many of the comments in the transcript are also personal and derogatory, and are not in line with the values of the Department. We would like to reiterate to the committee that the Department has begun a significant workforce and culture programme in the last 12 months, now handed over to Manx Care. This programme focuses on the values of the organisation – CARE – Committed, Appreciative, Respectful and Excellent. CARE represents what the Department is “about”, what the Department stands for and what the Department values. It is our expectation and particularly those of the Executive Team that the values and behaviours are integral in the way in which we work. 

‘The Department is hugely disappointed with Dr Ranson’s unfounded and un-evidenced criticism of her current and also relatively new colleagues, feedback of which and guidance around working with others has been discussed on a number of occasions.’

The DHSC then goes on to present 27 responses to Dr Ranson’s evidence which it says disputes her accuracy which can be read in full below.

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