Home Delivery of LFTs

Residents will soon be able to go online to order lateral flow tests to their homes, which will be delivered by Manx Independent Carriers.

The gov has said that Isle of Man Post Office, which it owns, was unsuccessful in the bidding process for the delivery of the LFTs. A long term courier partner will be appointed in the future with the gov saying that the procurement process will be open to all couriers. 

Residents will be able to order one pack of seven test kits by completing an online form with people asked not to order more than one kit in a seven day period. For a four week trial period, next-day delivery is anticipated for most orders placed by 4pm. 

A statement from the gov said: ‘The new system will provide a convenient way for people who are unwell or unable to attend LFD pick-up points, to order their devices from home. In addition, it is hoped the system will help prevent stockpiling of devices.

‘Weekly deliveries to the Island have been secured to ensure a 10-day supply of LFDs is kept in stock, while regular distribution continues to participating pharmacies and local authority offices around the island, with outlets being restocked in line with demand. More than 260,000 tests have so far been made available to Island residents, and although demand is likely to fluctuate for some time, it has begun to stabilise. Online ordering for home delivery aims to make provision of lateral flow devices ‘business as usual’ for government.’

Manx Independent Carriers will deliver to homes six days a week Monday to Saturday, with kits packed to allow letterbox delivery. The courier will provide a dedicated customer service phone line and an email address for enquiries about orders, and deliveries are due to begin from Wednesday.

Uptake of online ordering will be monitored and further changes will be made in due course to progress the long-term distribution of LFDs to the public.

The online ordering form is available on this link: 


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