Inflation as measured by Consumer price index was measured at 2.3% for July, down from 3.6% in June.

That June was was the highest level of inflation the island had seen since September 2018.

The monthly report shows that clothing and footwear were the biggest contributors to the decrease with all items, besides men’s outerwear, seeing a decrease in sales. The biggest drop was in children’s outerwear which fell 21.5%.

Meanwhile, Transport remained the greatest contributor to inflation in July, with petrol and diesel up by 13.9% and other travel costs by 12.1%. There were also increases in rent (private sector), DIY materials and heating oil within Housing, water, electricity, gas and other fuels.

Elsewhere pork was up 14.6% and driving lessons were up 16.7%, but tea was down 11.4% and beer off sales (bought in a shop) were down 7.2%.

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