Jonathan Kinrade is the latest person to throw his hat into the ring to contest the General Election, as he announces his candidacy for the constituency of Ramsey.

The self-employed businessman has a background in IT and security engineer in finance and then online gaming before setting up his own business in 2005.

In a statement to announce his candidacy, Mr Kinrade said: ‘As a proud Manx man, I have watched the island change massively since I was born in 1976. Every day I see things that I love about our island and community, and every day I see things that I feel could and should be improved upon.I will give more detail in my manifesto, but I strongly feel that after years of thinking I could make a difference to the way we do things it is time to stand up and try to have my voice heard. I believe I have the skills, experience, determination, understanding and ability to make a real contribution both to Ramsey and the Island as a whole.

‘Why Ramsey? No doubt you are reading this and wondering why someone who doesn’t live in Ramsey is standing for election in Ramsey. My parents, grandparents and great grandparents are all from Ramsey and the surrounding areas with my family only relocating to Douglas shortly before I was born. As a result, I spent a lot of time in Ramsey visiting relatives and on days out and feel like my roots are in the town. A year ago, my fiancée and I decided that as much as we love living in Dalby, we wanted to be in a town with the benefits that brings. We both love Ramsey, and both decided that Ramsey is where we would make our new home. We have found a home we both love right in the heart of the conservation area in old Ramsey, directly opposite my great grandparents’ old house.We had hoped to be settled in Ramsey before declaring but that hasn’t quite worked out. We hope to be in in the next few weeks.

‘We are both excited about living a stone’s throw from South Beach and with the whole of Ramsey on our doorstep and my fiancée has started a new job in the town this month.What can I offer you?I can promise that I would prioritise the town and constituency of Ramsey and do all I could to protect those things that make Ramsey great. The beaches, the close community, working harbour and the selection of shops and eateries are fundamental to the town and must be preserved. I would also strive to bring additional investment in the form of complimentary businesses and improved infrastructure.I can promise that I would bring passion, integrity and be a trustworthy representative for you if I were fortunate enough to win enough support.’

Mr Kinrade joins Dr Alex Allinson, Lib Vannin leader Lawrie Hooper and Leonard Singer in announcing his candidacy for the constituency of Ramsey.

The General Election is on September 23. If you’re planning to vote, make sure you’re registered and if you’re planning to stand, make sure you let Gef know by emailing

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