In The Right Place at The Right Time

A routine training exercise for Port St Mary RNLI proved to be a fortunate coincidence for a girl who got into trouble swimming in the sea off the south of the island.

The volunteer crew were out training on Tuesday evening when they observed a group of four girls swimming between Kallow Point and Perwick Bay. 

Helmsman Morgan Guy changed the plan when he thought that he would rather keep an eye on them in case they got into difficulty, as the area they were in is known for strong currents.

Mid exercise, the crew observed one of the young girls frantically waving to attract attention. And it became clear that the 12-year-old was in some difficulty.

Due to the proximity to the rocks off the Powder House adjoining Strathallan Castle a crew member volunteered to enter the water to support the girl and guide her back to the safety of the shore. An RNLI statement said that the girl was lucky to be spotted, as there were no other boats in the vicinity. Having ensured she was no worse for her ordeal the crewmember re-joined the inshore lifeboat, which returned then to station.

Lifeboat Operations Manager Sarah Keggen commented: ‘The coast is a great place to enjoy the holidays but this rescue highlights the need to Respect the Water. Fortunately there was a very happy outcome to this incident but it could have been a totally different outcome if the inshore lifeboat crew hadn’t been out on exercise and been able to respond to the situation so close to the safety of the shore.’

Helmsman Morgan Guy added: ‘The girls were very fortunate that the inshore lifeboat was in the vicinity and responded so quickly. It was a situation where time was of the essence. It is also a reminder how important it is for families to prepare before going to the coast on their holidays; to make sure they have appropriate knowledge of the sea and form of communication on shore in case of such an emergency.’

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