Gef’s Daily Roundup

Operation Strongbox

A Freedom of Information request has revealed that Operation Strongbox, which was launched by the Isle of Man police in June this year to tackle drug trafficking and money laundering across the border, has so far seized at least £95,752 worth of Heroin, Cocaine, Cannabis and money. The information provided also showed that there have been 27 investigations into money laundering and drug production from the operation with the total cost of overtime and unsocial hours pay being £605.73. The police explained that as the operation has been ‘absorbed into normal policing duties,’ there is no estimated total budget for it.

Pension Schemes

After a report on public sector pensions, employees joining the sector from April 2022 will now be offered a choice of pension schemes to help them save for retirement. They will be given the opportunity to join the current Defined Benefit schemes or a new Defined Contribution arrangement. While Defined Benefit guarantees a level of pension income at the time of retirement, the benefits from a Defined Contribution scheme would depend on the amount paid in and the performance of investment funds. Under a new Defined Contribution arrangement, employee and employer contributions would be paid to the provider to invest on behalf of the employee. There would be no long-term liability for the Government to pay the pension and it would not be a statutory arrangement – it would instead be a contract directly between the employee and pension scheme provider.

Biosphere Partner

Standard Bank has partnered with UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man in a pledge to ‘protect natural resources, develop the economy sustainably, support and promote the Island’s cultural heritage, make an environmental impact positive wherever possible, engage with the local community and promote the living landscape and seascape.’ Jo Overty, UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man Project Officer, said: ‘Large organisations such as Standard Bank have great power to positively influence sustainability through the decisions they make and actions they take and we welcome the bank as our newest Partner and thank it for helping our Biosphere.’

Hospice Sponsor

Hospice Isle of Man has announced that Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement (BSM) are supporting the charity’s Wild in Art 2022 trail, titled The Big Splash. The ‘world-class’ public art trail will be live for 12 weeks from May to September next year and will see over 30 individually designed dolphin sculptures spread across the island. The trail is designed to encourage residents and visitors to the Isle of Man to explore the environment from an exciting new perspective and to promote wellbeing and an active lifestyle. Each of the sculptures will be sponsored by businesses such as BSM.

Beach Buddies

After a couple week attending community events like the Royal and Southern shows, Beach Buddies is back on the island’s shores with a volunteer event at Blue Point on Sunday morning. The charity will be cleaning up the beach, in the north of the island, from 10:30 am and will provide volunteers with all the equipment they’ll need. Anyone is welcome to join and turn up on the day.


Online subscription service OnlyFans, which has become known for the large number of sex workers and celebrities who use it to share nude and sexual photos and videos, has announced it will be banning all sexually explicit content from October 1. The change is largely seen as an attempt to ‘legitimise’ the platform in the eyes of investors who don’t want to enter the sexual content sector, some venture capital funds are actually barred from investing in adult content by their limited partnership agreements. According to owners, the move has come after pressure from banking partners, an official statement said: ‘In order to ensure the long-term sustainability of our platform, and continue to host an inclusive community of creators and fans, we must evolve our content guidelines.’ Though users will still be able to post nude content that falls within the site’s policies, the move has come under a lot of criticism with some saying it is playing with people’s livelihoods as many depend on the site for most of their income.

Dominic Raab

UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab has faced criticism for his lack of action on the situation of Afghanistan with the government under pressure as it emerges a key call to help Afghan translators was never made. It had previously been revealed that Mr Raab, who was on holiday in Crete whilst the situation unfolded, was unavailable to make a call to his Afghan counterpart to discuss evacuating translators who had worked with the UK. However, now the Foreign Office has said that despite the duty being passed to a junior minister, ‘it was not possible’ to arrange the call before the collapse of the Afghan government. There are several thousand Afghan interpreters in the country with the UK gov now scrambling to rescue its people from the Taliban ruled nation.

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