I love a cocktail. But do you know what I love more than a cocktail? 120 cocktails.

This was the offering from Kiki’s. Their new dispenser is like their lockdown delivery service- except supersized. The service, which launches today, includes a very ‘grammable set up of between 1 and 5 dispensers (each containing 40 glasses worth of cocktails), ceramic tiki mugs, garnish, ice and paper straws. We opted for three. 

Apparently, this is a service for sharing with friends and not a challenge. This irritated me slightly: I was hoping that this article was going to end up being my very own ‘Man vs. Food’ article, but apparently no one was up for holding my hair back in the Gef loos (again). And as such, the cocktails were shared amongst the office, at the office. This was hard for me as I’m an only child. 

I was, naturally, skeptical about the whole ‘120 cocktail’ thing. I wondered whether we were getting 120 solid glasses, or shot size drinks. And while I didn’t count out every single drink (as I am not a loser) these dispensers are definitely hefty. They are also fresh: the drinks were made in our office, by the Kiki’s bartenders. Watching cocktails made on a massive scale, it turns out, is quite satisfying.

There were three cocktails on offer, each as strong as the last. The summer collection was my favourite: a mixture of gin, elderflower, apple, mint, cucumber and lemon. This was fresh- and definitely deserved its name. The Pornstar Martini is, obviously, a classic- and was perhaps a little bit more vanilla-y than usual, perhaps suggesting there was a healthy quantity of vanilla vodka in there. There wasn’t the expected shot of prosecco, but it wasn’t missed: in fact it took the stress out of the whole ‘do I pop it in the cocktail or shot it’ bit of the drink (does anyone, btw, know the actual answer?)

Finally, there was the ‘Kiki, do you love me?’: a rum-based cocktail with peach liqueur, raspberry, lime and soda. This is definitely not for those of us without a sweet tooth, but bright and fruity all the same.

The dispensers worked really well within the office environment, but it’d work well at any party. While I personally think one of the joys of life is flirting with bartenders while watching them pour you a drink, this self-serve style of cocktails is incredibly useful. It’s very quick to sort your drink out- which is handy when there’s a lot of you. You get the dispensers for the whole evening, which means you can, hypothetically, still be drinking them until 8am: find me a bartender as dedicated as that.

As it turns out, I am not as greedy as I thought. I managed a humble four cocktails before I tapped out: an embarrassing defeat, frankly. I could have gone on, been a glutton, but I chose to wake up the next morning refreshed- God, am I an adult now? They are beautiful drinks, but as any cocktail fan knows, there is a limit: these drinks are bursting with flavour. Good cocktails are a bit like good, rich chocolate: you need a lot fewer than the cheap stuff.

In the office, there were about 12 of us, and we had at least 3 drinks each: it was impossible to resist trying them all. Despite some of the colleagues being thirstier than me, we still had a decent amount of cocktails left over. I guess 120 cocktails is enough after all.

Prices for the at home cocktail service start at £175. More information on Kiki’s self-serving cocktail dispensers can be found at extrafancy.co.uk/cocktails-at-home

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