Gef’s Daily Roundup


Starting this evening with a quick well done to James Crompton (pictured) who completed the Douglas Rotary Mini Parish Walk and raised a magnificent £300 for the Isle of Man Foodbank. The money James raised will go to supporting people and families in need across the island.

Happy Retirement

Another quick mention also goes to Tommy Campbell, who is retiring from his butchers shop in Willaston today. Tommy has been based in Willaston for 16 years, and previously had three shops in Duke Street Douglas, having opened his first shop in 1973.

Aye Aye Captain

​​Scott Kaniewski has been promoted to the rank of Relief Master (captain) on the Ben-my-Chree. Scott, who lives in Douglas, joined the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company in 2014 from Global Marine Systems where he worked his way up from Deck Cadet

Brian Thomson presents Scott Kaniewski with his epaulettes on the bridge of the Ben-my-Chree

Upon his arrival at the Steam Packet, Scott worked as a Second Officer and then Chief Officer on board the Ben-My-Chree. In 2017, the Company supported his application for study leave to gain his Masters Certificate of Competency, and in 2019 he transferred to fast craft Manannan to sail as Chief Officer.   Over the past month Scott has been Master training on the Ben-My-Chree to obtain his Heysham Pilotage Certificate, he recently took command as Relief Master of the vessel.

Managing Director Brian Thomson said: ‘Scott’s progression through the ranks is a perfect illustration of the fantastic career opportunities that are available for those who choose a career at sea – it is a truly rewarding industry for those who work hard. He is very deserving of this great achievement and we wish him many years of sailing with the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company.’


The Isle of Man Financial Services Authority has announced the appointment of Bettina Roth as its next Chief Executive Officer. Mrs Roth brings a wealth of international experience to the role having served in a number of senior positions during a distinguished 29-year career.

Mrs Roth has a strong track record of professional achievement in both the regulatory and private sectors. This has included senior roles with the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority, enhancing AML protocols and driving automation, Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) and the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions in Canada, which included a one-year secondment with the Office of Comptroller of Currency in New York.

Mrs Roth said: ‘I am excited to take on this challenge and to play my part in enhancing the Island’s reputation as a well-regulated and internationally responsible business centre. I am looking forward to joining a dedicated team of professionals and working with industry to embrace new opportunities and address emerging risks in the time ahead.’

Magnus Barefoot

We love a bit of random history here at Gef and today our friends at Culture Vannin inform us it is the 918th anniversary of the death of Magnus Barefoot, the famous Manx-Norse King who died on the battlefield in Ireland. Having had one of the most successful and influential of all reigns as the King of Mann & the Isles, it was under Magnus’ reign that Peel Castle was first constructed.

Milkshake Misery

McDonald’s stores across Great Britain have reportedly ran out of milkshakes today with the food giant blaming ‘supply chain issues’. A McDonald’s spokesman said staff were ‘working hard to return these items to the menu as soon as possible’. The shortage at McDonald’s comes the week after Nando’s was forced to shut 45 restaurants as it did not have enough chicken and KFC has also warned it had to slim down its menu options due to supply issues. The UK wide staffing issue for delivery firms has been blamed on a combination of Brexit and people being required to self-isolate. Logistics UK, which represents freight firms, and the British Retail Consortium has said there is a shortfall of 90,000 HGV drivers.


Hakainde Hichilema has today been sworn in as the new President of Zambia after years of being the face of opposition to the outgoing authoritarian government. During a long political career that saw him fail in five previous bids to become President, Mr Hichilema was brutalised, tear-gassed and even detained for a traffic offence in 2017 that was deemed treasonous. The victory has given hope to other opposition parties across the continent with Zimbabwean opposition leader Nelson Chamisa telling his countrymen ‘you are next’, a statement laughed off by President Emmerson Mnagangwa.


The British Gov has admitted that without American support it will be very difficult for it to hold onto the main airport in Kabul being used to evacuate people after the country was overtaken by the Taliban. The UK has repeatedly said it was hoping to see an extension to the August 31 deadline but with Washington as yet unmoved and our other NATO allies unable to provide the support that America can, it seems as though the Taliban’s imposed deadline will not be extended. However, with Prime Minister Boris Johnson due to speak to President Biden during a G7 meeting later on today, it is always worth remembering a week is a long time in politics.

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