Heavy as Balls

When something negative happens, we can either sink into ourselves or seek to make a positive of it and Jamie Blackburn is doing just that. 

After losing his dad to lung cancer, Jamie has turned to what he knows best, heavy metal, and he is bringing that passion to Port Erin for a charity gig which, as the title of the event says will be ‘Heavy as Balls’.

Five of the island’s heaviest and loudest rock groups will take part in the charity gig this Saturday, August 28, at the Falcon’s Nest, in Port Erin, from 7pm.

With raucous rock n’ roll punks Mad Daddy headlining, the gig includes sets from Swarf Damage, Post War Stories and Bruises, with Jamie also taking to the stage alongside his collaborator Joe Callister with their heavy blues two-piece The Getaways.

Jamie said: ‘After a while I really wanted to try and find something positive I could create out of what is a pretty horrible situation. To twist something full of dread and sadness into something positive and joyful was my dad’s style for sure. I play in bands and I organise gigs, so what else was I going to do?

‘I thought it would be a great idea to get a big event together and, after talking to a few people and throwing ideas about, we came up with the idea for Heavy as Balls. The heavy metal community over here is like a family so I want to celebrate this family we all have. My dad was a great supporter of me when I started out playing music in front of people. He loved live music and went to gigs every weekend and bought me my first PA. When I had a band ‘Short For Richard’ a few years ago, he and my mum were always there. 

‘I thought it would be great to do one more big night for him and hopefully raise some money for a good cause along the way.’

Tickets for ‘Heavy as Balls’ are £12 each, available from Eventbrite by clicking here with all proceeds going to the Isle of Man Cancer Association.

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