You Can’t Scoot Over The Law

With more people using environmentally friendly transport, the police are warning residents they are not allowed to use E-Scooters on Manx roads.

A police statement said: ‘E-Scooters are relatively cheap to buy and the more powerful ones can reach over 30mph. There are trials being undertaken in various cities in the UK to determine if they could be a viable alternative to car transport, however at this time on the Isle of Man, current legislation means that although electrically assisted pedal bikes are generally legal to use, E-scooters are not legal to use on roads or pavements.

‘They can be classed as mechanically propelled vehicles, and would require insurance and registration to be used. Owners of these E-scooters are asked to not use them on public highways, and parents are requested to be aware of the legal requirements for using these E-scooters if the buy them for their children.’

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