Good News! From today residents can obtain their vaccination status certificate in a secure and internationally recognised digital format. This should put to an end issues which has seen Manxies unable to access some countries which have not recognised Manx Care’s vaccine letters.

This is separate from the NHS App which island residents still do not have access to. Your record may now be showing on the app but this is not a Covid certificate.

What Does it Mean?

Manxies can now login to the service to view their vaccination record on their home computer, laptop or mobile device, and opt to download a digital version or print a paper copy of their certificate. This can be used to prove your vaccine status for travelling or going to large public events.

It will carry a little mark saying your vaccine was done in Great Britain, while we know this won’t go down too well with some Manxies, look at it this way, same Queen, same vaccine.

How Do I Use It?

To access this service, you need to click here and register with the UK’s NHS to create a secure login to access your health record online. The web based document is valid for 30 days only but can be refreshed at any time.

If you don’t fancy a digital version, a paper copy is available via the NHS central customer service centre in the UK. To access this, Freephone 0808 1624 119 and they’ll post it to you.

For callers to the Freephone service, personal details must match those held on record. Where they differ, if for example you’ve moved house and not told your GP, your patient record will need to be updated before the pass can be sorted.

In addition, a paper certificate can be applied for online without an NHS login, by clicking here.

Anyone who is unable to create a digital certificate will be automatically informed of the reason via email, letter or SMS message as per contacts on their GP record, and advised what to do next.

Anyone wanting to use the NHS Pass should allow up to five days for the record to be refreshed before accessing or requesting a new pass. And with the gov already warning of ‘teething problems’ and initial demand being high, they are asking only those who are travelling in the next month to use the service in the short term.

Matthew Gould, Chief Executive of NHSx said: ‘The NHS COVID Pass service is helping millions of people in England and Wales to demonstrate their vaccination status easily, securely and for free; and it is great news that we can now give residents of the Isle of Man access to the pass. This achievement is the result of successful joint working with the Isle of Man Government and we will continue to improve the service for the Island’s residents. This includes working with the Isle of Man government so that residents can access the NHS COVID Pass using the NHS App in the future’.

Opt Out

To make this all work, patient data has been shared by Manx Care with NHS Digital. Residents can opt out of having their records shared, noting that they will not be able to obtain the NHS COVID Pass vaccination certificate in any form. Those wishing to opt out from their data being transferred to NHS Digital should click here.


While this system will be recognised internationally, you should still check the requirements in force for the country you’re going to when you book it to ensure they can be met. These may include evidence of pre-departure COVID-19 tests and further tests or quarantine on arrival. Residents planning travel should further note that while the digital COVID Pass can be downloaded at any time, paper certificates should be requested two weeks before departure, to allow for processing and delivery at busy periods.

With NHS COVID Pass now available for Island residents in various formats, Manx Care’s provision of vaccination certificates on request will end.

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