Restrictions Easing In Manx Care Homes

Manx Care will ease some of the visitor restrictions at most of their Residential Care Homes for older people on Tuesday 31 August. 

These eased measures will be in place at all of the below Homes operated by Manx Care, not including Rearyt-ny-Baie, from Tuesday 31st August;

  • Southlands – Port St Mary
  • Cummal Mooar – Ramsey
  • Langness/Gansey – Port St Mary
  • Thie Meanagh/Sweetbriar – Douglas
  • Reayrt Skyal – Ramsey 

For 14 days the following measures will be in place;

  • Visiting will still need to be booked with the management team of each home, but visiting hours will be extended from 10am to 7pm. 
  • Two visitors will now be allowed at a time, with no time limit on visits.  
  • All visitors will be asked to carry out a Lateral Flow Test (LFT) at each home prior to the visit (this will now be optional), but all visitors will be required to have their temperature taken on arrival and to comply with PPE and hand hygiene guidance throughout the visit.

This guidance will in place until 14 September, when it will be reviewed. 

The revised Residential Care Home visitor policy will be uploaded on by 5.30pm on Thursday 26th August.

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