Cops Warning Over Receiving Drugs in Post

The island’s Constabulary is warning people not to receive suspicious packages or allow their address to be used as a ‘drop’ location for the importation of drugs.

This warning comes as the cops say importation of drugs through postal and other courier delivery services are increasing significantly.

Police and Customs Officers regularly visit the various sorting locations around the island to conduct spot checks on parcels of all shapes and sizes and in some cases they are also x-rayed with detection dogs being brought in for some searches.

A police statement said: ‘The Constabulary are aware that drug importers and Organised Crime Groups use addresses as ‘drop’ locations. This means if intercepted others carry the blame. We are aware that people have agreed to accept packages on behalf of others. We are also aware that vulnerable people, some as young as 12 years old, are being used and exploited in order to facilitate such deliveries.

‘If you are approached by someone or asked if you will receive a package of any description to your address think again. By the very nature of agreeing to do this you may be accepting controlled drugs which is a serious offence and one which may carry a prison sentence. Similarly, if a package arrives which you are not expecting be suspicious. You cannot simply turn a blind eye to this and you must ask why someone else would want items to be delivered to somewhere other than their own home. Similarly, if an unexpected package arrives at your address and is not in your name, do not accept it. Our advice would be to contact us and report it.’

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