Manx Care ‘Committed’ to Snaefell Surgery

After it was announced that two GPs are leaving the Snaefell surgery in Anagh Coar, the island’s health care provider has said it remains committed to keeping the practice open.

Last week the surgery released a statement saying: ‘Sadly, our two new partners have now left the partnership. This is due in the main to the practice funding problems we highlighted at the beginning of this year.  This means we now currently have only one GP partner.’

Since this announcement, election candidates in the Douglas South constituency have joined residents in expressing their anger at the position they have been put in with some criticising the funding for GP surgeries.

However, in a statement, Manx Care said: ‘Manx Care is committed to retaining a GP Practice at Snaefell Surgery following the departure of two part-time GPs who are coming to the end of their contract.  Manx Care is working with the practice to ensure sufficient clinical cover is in place in the short term, as well as ensuring the sustainability of the practice in the future. A full update will be provided by the end of September 2021.  

‘In the meantime, the practice will be supported by additional locums and nursing cover to ensure it continues to provide excellent and efficient care to its 5000+ patients as it always has done.  There may be times over the next few weeks where availability of appointments are slightly reduced but patients should continue to make contact when they need medical attention.’

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