Driest Summer in 26 Years

Our friends at the Met Office have said last month saw only two thirds of its normal rainfall, with just 46.1mm measured at Ronaldsway, making it the driest August since 2005.

Almost a third of that rainfall fell on August 21, which saw 13.5mm of rainfall. Combined with June and July, the total recorded rainfall over the summer months was just 105.3mm at the airport, 45% below average, making it the driest summer since 1995.

The mean temperature for the month measured 15.5°C, only 0.1°C above the long term mean. The highest temperature of 21.6°C was measured on August 25.

August was also a bad month for kite flying as it the mean wind speed of 10.1mph was the lowest recorded since 2003.

It was also a bit of a cloudy month, with only 147.2 hours of bright sunshine being recorded, 22% below normal.

There were 3 days with fog observed but no hail or thunder during the month.


As well as being the driest summer for over quarter of a century, mean temperature for summer measured 15.5°C, compared to the long term mean of 14.7°C, ranking it the fifth warmest summer on record. The mean wind speed measured just 9.3mph, the lowest since 1983. An average summer would see a mean speed of 11.1mph.

However, there were 600.3 hours of bright sunshine, slightly above the long term mean of 593 hours.

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