Braddan Road Scheme Delayed

Roadworks on Braddan Road, which was due to be completed within the school holidays, will not be completed before the schools reopen on Wednesday next week.

The DoI has said part of the reason for the delay is its own staff having to work on the promenade scheme to support contractor Auldyn.

A statement said: ‘It was found that on clearing vegetation off a roadside Manx stone wall, to enable the pavement reconstruction that sections of the wall was unstable and likely to collapse. For public and workforce safety it was necessary to demolish and rebuild parts of this wall before the pavement could be reconstructed. Additionally some of the existing underground utility services that had to be re-positioned were encased in concrete, which then had to be carefully exposed before being dealt with, which extended the time that this work required.

‘This scheme is being undertaken by the Department’s own direct labour force and for some periods they have been deployed to support the efforts of the Main Contractor on the Douglas Promenade project in order to achieve published completion dates. This has then impacted on the Braddan Road scheme programme. The Department has endeavoured to complete the works to the planned programme and our construction team have worked outside normal hours and at weekends to recover lost time.’

Work will be going on this weekend including laying the final wearing course on the road and the traffic team’s engineers will be installing sub surface sensors and completing the electrical fit out of the new crossing. The road lining team will be on site installing the crossing, bus stops and school hatch markings.

Before the primary school reopens, safety barriers will be reinstalled outside and work will continue on completion of areas of pavement. This will mean that walkways in the carriageway will be required and this means that the current one way system will remain in place until all the work is finished, which the DoI anticipates will be by Sunday September 12.

The DoI added: ‘The Department has discussed the delays with the Head of Braddan School and the police. All parties have come together to agree suitable arrangements for pupils to safely access the school and be picked up, while work continues and to mitigate against congestion at peak times. All arrangements will be communicated directly to the pupils and their parents by the school. The school bus services for Braddan School (Service 46 in the morning and Services 45 & 47 in the afternoon) will operate as usual.’

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