It’s Not All Doom and Gloom

With all the doom and gloom going on in the world right now, and as we say goodbye to summer and head into Autumn, we think everyone could do with hearing some uplifting stories that have happened across the world over the last month.

Amputee Climbs Snowdon

Over the weekend, an extraordinary man from Chesire, who is an amputee, climbed up Snowdon, the highest mountain in Wales. Paul Ellis from Cheshire, suffered a severe spinal injury in 1992 leaving him with excruciating pain in the legs and the inability to walk. The pain was too unbearable and this led him to decide to have them amputated. The 52-year-old made the 13-hour crawl to the top, taking the Llanberis route which is a huge nine miles. Ellis raised an amazing total of £3000 for amputee children to go on holiday. 

My Pet Bumblebee 

Lacey Shillinglaw has had a very interesting weekend looking after her new pet bumblebee. The 13-year-old found the bee injured on the road and she lifted the bee and carried it to an area of plants and flowers. However, the bee was not willing to let go of Lacey and proceeded to follow Lacey back to her house. She named the bee Betty and they continued to spend the weekend together. Betty slept voluntarily in a jar next to Lacey’s bed and even followed her and her friends to the bowling alley and waited there for 14 rounds!

HGV Driver Wins £275k Supercar in Raffle

On the 6th of August, a HGV driver won an astonishing prize at the Great Ormond Street Hospital which turned out to be a supercar worth £275,000. Andrew Olsen, grandfather of three, bought 40 raffle tickets to have a better chance of winning and apparently had forgotten about the entry until receiving an email. On his 60th birthday, he was invited to a video chat telling him he had won a McLaren 720S Spider and was informed of the price of the car.  

Italian Canine Lifeguards Saves Children

8 children were saved by dog lifeguards in Italy, ages between 6-12. Over 400 doggie lifeguards patrol 30 Italian beaches. These dogs have been specially trained by the Italian school of rescue dogs (SICS) in bringing people to shore, jumping from helicopters and pouncing from lifeboats. Every year, the dogs save 20 – 30 dogs each year. On August 7, the dogs helped bring 8 panicked children on dinghies and paddleboards to shore.

Swiss Cows Airlifted Down Mountain

The annual cattle parade in Klausenpass, Switzerland happened this week. Some of the cows which attended live at the top of a mountain and are in a location which is inaccessible to cars and other transport. Healthy cows were able to get to the bottom by hoof, but for the injured and elderly they needed alternative arrangements. Helicopters flew to the top of the mountain and attached a cow to a mesh harness. They did this ten times and airlifted the cows, attached to a long cable, over the area and to a more accessible location. 

Britain’s Greatest Paralympian

Dame Sarah Storey competed in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics and managed to take home her 17th gold medal. Sarah has competed in eight Paralympic games and is unable to take part in the Olympics due to a disability in which her left hand formed differently whilst in the womb. She was originally a swimmer and won five gold medals in the pool, then she switched over into cycling in 2005. Despite the torrential weather in the recent Paralympics, her amazing technical skills pulled through and Storey has broken Mike Kenny’s record and is now the most successful Paralympian in British history.

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