Kirk Michael Gets it’s Zebra

After installing and removing a black and red crossing outside the village school in Kirk Michael, the DoI has now installed a traditional zebra crossing.

The red and black crossing, which we dubbed Dennis the Menace, was criticised by residents for its lack of visibility.

With the white paint now applied and the beacons fitted, the zebra crossing has gone live.

The DoI said: ‘The new street lights installed at the crossing will illuminate the crossing after dark. Additional temporary signage has been deployed to warn approaching motorists of the new road layout.’

When the DoI announced the dropping of its Dennis crossing, a statement said: ‘The intention was to create a crossing at the school in a way that worked both for road safety and for road racing. Whilst the beacons and lines of the zebra crossing are to the normal design, the white paint was to be replaced with red asphalt so that the level of grip would be consistent across the width of the road. In practice, the contrast between the red and black areas is not as good as we had wanted.’

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