Pandemic Continuing to Affect Flights

After a raft of comments on social media from people who have seen flight times changed, easyJet has told Gef it is a result of ongoing travel restrictions.

While the island’s borders have largely re-opened, restrictions across Europe are continuing to make long term planning difficult for many airlines seeking to re-establish routes.

Gef contacted the airline, which operates flights from the island to Belfast, London Gatwick, Liverpool, Bristol and Manchester, after posts on social media from people complaining about the regular changes being made.

One person affected by the changes told Gef: ‘I get that they are affected by the pandemic and all that but we’ve booked a flight for such a time based around when I can get into my hotel and made plans around that. But now we’re going to end up in London hours earlier and it is just annoying but after the last year I guess we’re glad to just be going anywhere.’

The most affected route appears to be between Ronaldsway and London Gatwick, but others have said their flights to and from Liverpool are also being changed.

A spokeswoman for easyJet told Gef: ‘We want to ensure we can take as many customers as possible to their destinations and with fewer flights operating due to the impact of current travel restrictions, in some cases this will mean changing a customer’s flight time within 24 hours of departure. We are informing customers of any changes at least 21 days in advance and if these are not suitable, customers are able to request a refund, a voucher or a free transfer to an alternative flight.’

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