In what seems like a remarkably forwards step, if it was 1996, the people of Douglas South will be able to cast their vote at any of the constituency’s polling stations on Election Day.

This means registered voters can vote at Pulrose Methodist Church, Anagh Coar Primary School or Scoill Vallajeelt on September 23.

Despite this bold step into the unknown, voters are being asked to be prepared to travel to their original polling station should they encounter any issues, as the pilot scheme system is ‘still in the testing stages’.

James Quinn, Returning Officer for Douglas South, said: ‘The trial is a great opportunity to make voting more accessible and convenient. We want to encourage more people to vote and we hope this system will allow people to choose the best location for them – so that they can cast their vote around work and family commitments.’

Polling stations will be open from 8am to 8pm on 23 September for people to cast their votes. It is also possible to vote using a postal or proxy vote if people are unable to do so. 

People living off-Island must apply for postal voting by Thursday 9 September and Island residents have until Wednesday 15 September. 

Eligible voters can also appoint a proxy voter to cast their vote on their behalf. These applications should be made before 5pm on Wednesday 22 September.  

Application forms are available to download from the elections website, from your constituency returning officer, or from the Crown and Elections Unit, Cabinet Office, Third Floor, Government Office, Bucks Road, Douglas. 

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