Election Hustings: Onchan

As the election nears, Gef has been visiting the island’s public election meetings to see how your candidates are handling a bit of public scrutiny. 

Last night was Onchan’s turn and those running for election were questioned on a variety of topics including engaging young people, government spending and wind turbines.

The candidates are: Rob Callister, James Cherry, Julie Edge, Michael Leather and Peter Willers.

Due to a technical issue we do not have full videos for some questions and have been unable to salvage the question and answers on wind turbines and renewable energy. We also only have audio for the candidates’ closing statements we are only able to provide audio. We apologise to the candidates and constituents of Onchan for this inconvenience.


As with all the public meetings, we began with a ‘short’ introduction from each candidate and Peter Karran who was allowed to stand in for Peter Willers who was off island for an appointment.

How will you make young people care?

How to get young people engaged in politics nearly always seems to be on the agenda, and with the Isle of Man being one of very few places to give 16 and 17 year olds the vote, it’s as important here as anywhere.

An Ageing Population

Switching to the other end of the spectrum with the next question, as the Isle of Man has one of the oldest populations in the world, candidates were asked what they would do to address the issue of paying for social care as many working people choose to leave but retirees decide to stay.

Jobs For Our Residents

One member of the public raised the issue of an ‘eroded’ work permit system that they said gives too many of our jobs away to non-residents.

What To Do About Housing?

Housing is always an election favourite and Onchan was no different as candidates were asked what they would do to ensure that people can afford to live on the island with current first time buyer schemes not proving successful.

Not Just The TT

The next question gave candidates a chance to explore their more creative side as they were asked to provide their most interesting ways to expand the Isle of Man tourism season outside of just the TT. Answers included a variety of ideas from hyping up our trains to building out the prom.

Balancing The Books

Perhaps an issue the candidate were all expecting to face, one attendee wanted to know, with all the ideas flying around, how would the gov actually pay for them?


To finish the meeting off, candidates were given two minutes to give a closing statement.

You can see more on each of the candidates on Gef’s dedicated election website.

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