Election Hustings: Glenfaba and Peel

The election roadshow continued last night as Gef headed to the village of Foxdale to hear residents quiz the candidates for Glenfaba and Peel.

Voters have seven candidates to choose from: Geoffrey Boot, Trevor Cowin, Tim Crookall, Leo Cusson, Ray Harmer, Mikey Lee and Kate Lord-Brennan. Some of the candidates are quieter than others.


As ever the candidates had a few minutes to introduce themselves to the crowd.

Curran Report

The first question of the night focused on climate change, which candidates asked if they support the Curran Report and other specifics including whether new gas boilers should be banned by 2023 instead of 2025.

Civil Service

We hear it every election don’t we, there’s too many civil servants and their pensions are out of control, here’s what the candidates had to say.

Gas Deposits

Is there an £800bn gas deposit sitting in Manx waters? And if there is should we exploit it?

Drug Laws

Missing the question at the start of this as the audio cut out, but the candidates were asked are the island’s drugs laws actually legal or have people prosecuted for possession the victims of a grave injustice?

Elderly Care

How do we fund caring for our elderly? And is the current model, which has largely not changed in decades, of putting people into care homes really the best way forward?

Medicinal Cannabis

The island will soon issue licences and begin to produce medicinal cannabis, so why is it so hard for people on the island to get it?


For more info on the candidates, visit Gef’s dedicated election page.

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