After many nights heading down dark highways, well the Ramsey coast road, Gef took the short trip up the Manx Museum on Tuesday to hear from the candidates for Douglas East.

Standing in the area is: Clare Barber, Joney Faragher, Peter Gilmour, Michael Josem, Jon Joughin, Christine Urquhart and Amanda Walker. The meeting was chaired by Councillor Ms Janet Thommeny.


Meet the players.

Mental Health

There is a lot of talk during this election about the need to improve mental health provision, the candidates were asked what exactly they want to see being done.

Support for Children

What extra support can be provided to children with extra needs when in education and when they leave education?

Standard of Living

The island is one of the richest economies in the world, so why do some people live in poor quality housing?

The Prom

The disaster story which keeps on giving, the candidates are asked how they have engaged with the prom scheme and how they have scrutinised the job done by the gov.

A Green New World

What can the gov do to enact a rapid transition to a greener world?


Wrapping up time, we all have homes to go to.

You can find more info on the candidates for Douglas East by clicking here.

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