From today the island’s border regs are changing again, with the distinction between vaccinated and unvaccinated residents being removed.

There are also changes for people who have what is termed ‘natural immunity’ so Gef has put together this quick guide to what you need to know. You may remember these changes as the ones that the Emergency Advisory Group were not asked to advice on by CoMin.

From Today

There are no longer testing or isolation requirements for island residents when they return from travel from within the Common Travel Area (‘CTA’), regardless of vaccination status.

This means all you need to do is go online and fill in the landing form, this will then get emailed to you and you can save the QR code onto your phone or print the email off and scan it at Ronaldsway or the Sea Terminal.

For residents who have been outside the CTA in the preceding 10 days, the current process will remain the same, with arrivals from amber countries undertaking the ‘7 day pathway’ and red countries following UK travel requirements prior to onward travel to the Isle of Man.

At this stage, restrictions on unvaccinated non-residents who have been outside the CTA will remain in place, but under review. 

What That Means

Residents traveling from outside the CTA within the 10 days prior to travel:

Green list countries outside the CTA if unvaccinated – follow Test to Release pathway

Amber Countries preceding 10 days – 7 Day Pathway (PCR test on arrival and at Day 6 – isolate between tests)

Red Countries – No direct travel to the Isle of Man (21 days self-isolation in event of no mandatory hotel isolation being undertaken in the UK)

Immunity Pathway

While this may sound like a walkway used by people who snitch on the Mafia, it is actually a new system devised by the gov around people coming to the island.

So, as of today anyone who provides proof of a positive PCR COVID-19 test on arriving on the island can now be made exempt from testing by proving they’ve been infected within the previous six months. This applies to residents and non-residents.

Evidence of previous infection must be provided through PCR test confirmation, and at least 11 days must have elapsed since the previous positive result. The exemption is only applicable to confirmed cases that have occurred within the CTA and anyone arriving using this must also have remained within the CTA for the 10 days prior to arrival on the Island.

This exemption will not be applicable retrospectively meaning anyone already in isolation or booked for testing will continue to do so.

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