Wednesday night saw us head south of the Mason Dixon Line, sorry the Fairy Bridge to see the candidates for ACM in action.

The candidates for the constituency are: Graham Cregeen, Steve Crowther, Tim Glover and Jason Moorhouse. The meeting was chaired by Keith Watterson on behalf of the Captain of the Parish Roy Gelling.


Hi my name is _____ I’d like to be your MHK.

Climate Change

Where do the candidates stand on climate change?


What will the candidates do, if elected, to support small businesses and encourages apprenticeships on the island?

Roads and Pavements

A question from a gentleman in a wheelchair who wanted answers as to why Ballasalla’s roads and pavements haven’t been improved in the last five years and what, if anything, these candidates can do better?

Is Gov Fit For Purpose?

Almost felt like answering this one ourselves but we left it up to the candidates…

Post Offices

Ballasalla is growing, so can they have their Post Office back please?

Making a Splash

The new high school for the south is due to be ready in 2027 but the residents of Ballasalla don’t seem to believe that. The southern swimming pool needs replacing too. But should we have an all island leisure rate?

School Overcrowding

Some children at Castle Rushen High School are being taught off site for at least part of their day due to overcrowding, what can be done about it?

Do We Need MHKs?

The answers from people wanting to be MHKs is a bit predictable, but the second part of the question about what department people should go into makes it much more interesting. Our apologies here to Mr Cregeen for a slight issue which cut his answer into two.

Light Touch on Going Green?

What is the point of going green if we tax everybody so much they leave?

Make ACM Great Again

What can be done to bring this diverse constituency together? And what should be done about local authority reform?

Meat Plant

You may remember a rather famous report that came out not long before MHKs went off to knock on doors, well a farmer wants to know if the candidates would continue to support the Meat Plant and the island’s agricultural sector.


Two minutes to wrap up and then home time.

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