It is just seven days until the Great Manx Public head to the polls and elect our MHKs for the next five years. From the moment the polls close at 8pm, Gef will be here delivering the results from the island’s 12 constituencies in our own unique way.

When it comes to politics, we’re slightly nerdy and have watched more than our fair share of election nights, watching into the earlier hours as Jeremy Vine paves the virtual steps to Number 10 and CNN filled in its Magic Wall.

We wanted to take that style and create our very own extra extra clever Gef’s Election Night bringing you the results from across the island. 

Our night promises to be everything that other election nights are not. Picture The Graham Norton Show crossed with Jools Holland’s Hootenanny and you’re halfway there. Hosted by the wonderful Jack Divers and Gef’s very own Sam Turton, the night will be broadcast live from the newly refurbished Loft 11 right in the heart of our island’s capital.

As well as results and debate, we’ve taken your usual election night tropes and added an extra topping of silliness. Gone are exit polls and in their place we will have predictors, think Paul the Octopus or Mystic Chess but with cats, dogs, children, bowling balls, darts and much more. We’ll also have special guests joining in on the debate and mixing a drink or two.

Our show will be broadcast live on Facebook, Youtube, and and our app. So remember, on election day you only have two important things to do, firstly GET OUT TO VOTE. Secondly, sit back at home, open a cold one or two and enjoy the show. 

Party Time

If you don’t fancy staying home and watching the show live online, we also have Gef’s Election Night Party at the soon to open Henderson & Glass. Hosted by the island’s very own Lord Farquaad, Lorcan O’Mahony, you can celebrate, or commiserate, the night the only way Gef knows best, with cocktails! Whether you can name every candidate or don’t know your Malew from your Michael, political nerds and the normal people among you are equally welcome to possibly the most exclusive Manx General Election Watch Party ever. There is limited space available for the watch party, which kicks off at 7pm, and tickets will be on a first come first served basis. Over 18s only.

You can buy your tickets here.

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