DoI Under Fire Again

The DoI is being criticised for publishing plans for flood defences in Ramsey without any consultation with residents or the town’s Commissioners.

Presented as options for both north and south promenade, the designs presented include increased promenade wall heights and the creation of concrete or rock armour revetments which would extend up to 19 metres beyond the existing sea wall at south promenade. 

Commissioners Chairman Alby Oldham has said: ‘I’m disappointed with the Department of Infrastructure for the way in which this scheme has been developed and published without any notice or engagement with the Town’s Commissioners who represent the community of Ramsey. 

Alby Oldham

‘The plans now available are clearly dated June 2020 and yet the Department has made no attempt to engage with the community before presenting what appears to be a done deal.  The proposals will clearly impact on both the Area of Special Scientific Interest, at the Mooragh, and on the south beach which is already the subject of strong opposition to development. The prospect of increasing the promenade wall height on south promenade, even with raised walkways, is bound to receive a strong reaction, and has implications for the roads, parking and the views from the town.’

The plans for each area can be found here.

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