WIth the election now just six days away, Gef took a short trip to Anagh Coar for the Douglas South election hustings for what is our penultimate election hustings coverage.

The candidates for Douglas South are: Claire Christian, Gerard Higgins, Sarah Maltby and Paul Quine. The meeting was chaired by the Mayor of Douglas, Mrs Raina Chatel.


It’s time to meet the players.

Means Testing

Should we be means testing local authority house tenants?

Single Legal Entity

Is it time to ditch the silo mentality and embrace a single legal entity gov?

Mental Health

We’re hearing a lot of rhetoric? But what can be done to actually improve the mental health services?

Why Do We Rely So Much on Charities?

While we all salute the work done by charities across the island, the panel were asked why they are so necessary in one of the richest nations on earth?

Inequality and Tax Rises

The island faces some severe inequality, so what can be done about it? And is raising taxes the answer?

Can We Trust You?

An age old question, one elected, how can we be sure that the politicians will follow through?

Has Ministerial Gov Failed Us?

Do we need to rethink how we govern the island? And do we really need a Chief Minister?

Manx Don’t Care

Is the island’s healthcare fit for purpose and will Manx Care improve it or is it just privatisation via the back door?


What does our recovery from Covid look like?

Police Budgets

A policewoman raised the issue that she and many of her colleagues are paid the equivalent of £12 an hour. In the week where a police officer was stabbed while exercising their duty, is this enough? And does the Police budget as a whole need to be increased?


Home time everyone.

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