Passengers aboard private vessels who wish to visit the island after entering its territorial waters can now do so at Peel harbour in addition to Douglas.

Travel Notification Service (TNS) officers have published set time slots during which they will meet vessels at Peel harbour and process Landing Forms.

These slots will vary depending on the state of the tide, the opening times of the flap gate at Peel and commercial arrivals in Douglas, but will be available each day for a minimum of two hours. The slots are published online at

Passengers must either be Isle of Man residents or meet the entry criteria that is currently in place for non-residents.

Any private vessel that arrives at Peel outside of the advertised times will not be met by TNS officers. Passengers will not be able to disembark and the vessel will be required to either dock in Douglas or to wait in Peel harbour until the next advertised time slot.

All passengers must notify the TNS of the date and time of their arrival. This should be done by completing a Landing Form online within the 48 hour period before arriving on the island. The Landing Form should be completed at

Any private vessel wishing to dock at Peel harbour must, in addition to notifying the TNS, inform the Marine Operations Centre of their arrival, who will direct them where to berth in Peel – call +44 1624 686612 or email

For further information, contact the TNS team on +44 1624 687171, or email

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