Manx National Heritage is seeking expressions of interest for necessary repairs to the Great Laxey Wheel in time for April 2022.

The repairs, which are being funded after an agreement was reached between MNH and the Treasury, are set to cost up to £450,000.

Lady Isabella, which was built to serve the Great Laxey Mines, was stopped last year after further damaged was discovered following a separate, but similar, issue which caused her to be stopped in 2019.

The works include:
• Establish site, site accesses, crane platform
• Relatively minor repairs to the rendered masonry and stone-faced masonry elements of the masonry wheel casing structure and Client storehouse
• Relatively minor repairs and refurbishment of timber and metal elements of the wheel casing structure and counter balance, i.e., balustrading, handrails etc.
• Replacement of significant structural timber elements to the viewing platform / water pipe delivery support structure
• Replacement of a number of the timber buckets of the wheel
• Redecoration of render, masonry, timber and metal elements of the wheel casing structure, supply pipe tower, and Client storehouse.
• Redecoration of the timber and steel elements of the wheel
• Redecoration of the timber viewing platform / water channel support structure.  
• The replacement of the timber elements of the rocking post, north sweep arm, south sweep arm, and ‘L rocker’. Decoration and re-decoration.

On the tender website, MNH says it wants work to begin this November, with an intended completion date of April 1 2022.

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