Good morning and welcome to General Election Day 2021!

Today will be the first time that some people have voted on the island so Gef has put together this quick guide to voting day.

Polling Card

If you’re registered to vote, then you should’ve had a polling card by now come through your door. Taking your poll card makes the journey at the polling station much quicker, as details on the cards help returning officers to locate each voter on the electoral roll.

If you haven’t got your card but you are registered, or if you’ve lost it, don’t worry, as long as you are registered, you still get to vote, but the returning officer and their staff may just ask you for a bit more info to confirm that you are who you say you are. 

Your polling card will also tell you what polling station you need to attend. For example if you live in Ramsey, your polling station will be either The Old Courthouse or St Paul’s Church Hall. You can see the full list of polling stations here.

Polling Stations

Across the island there are 56 polling stations, most of which are in the constituency where you are voting. However, due to the carving up of Onchan during the last boundary review, some of the people voting in Garff will be going to the polls at the Onchan Methodist Church, which is actually within the boundary of the Onchan constituency (there is a review of the boundaries due after the election). 

When you get to the polling station, there will probably be some candidates or their supporters outside standing around with rosettes etc. While they may say hello and smile, they are not allowed to intimidate you. If you feel they, or anyone, is intimidating you when you try to cast your vote, tell the returning officer or their staff.


Once you get into the polling station, hand your polling card to the staff who will be sitting at the desk which coincides with your polling district, they’ll mark you off and give you your ballot. 

Don’t forget that because of the political structure of the House of Keys, you get TWO votes. It is up to you if you only want to use one of them (known as a plump vote) or both of them, but you can only vote twice. Unless of course you think they’re all crap and want to spoil your ballot marking them all down or drawing on it. 

You take your ballot into the booth, cast your vote(s) and fold over the paper, pop it into the ballot box and then go home, go to work, or whatever it is you do.


If you want to see the results come in, as well as watch some top level political discussion supported by psychic animals, rubber ducks and Gef’s very own horoscope writer Mystic Chess, tune in to our show live from 7.45pm on Facebook, Youtube, website and app. Hosted by Jack Divers and Sam Turton, it’s something you’re not going to want to miss.

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