With Election 2021 now just a fading memory, things are moving quite quickly on the island as we prepare for a week of pomp and circumstance.

This evening, the island’s new Lieutenant Governor  Sir John Lorimer and his wife, Lady Lorimer are formally arriving on the island ahead of his swearing in later this week.

On Tuesday morning the new look House of Keys, including a record 10 female MHKs, will be sworn in and in the afternoon they will move on to selecting a new Speaker (the one who controls the chamber).

As there are few other names being mentioned at this time, it could be expected that Juan Watterson, who received the highest number of votes across the island on Thursday, will be voted back into the role for another five years.

By now the horse trading will be well underway in the formerly smokey back rooms of gov, but we should also expect to see a clearer indication as to who will be the runners and riders for the top job of Chief Minister.

Then on Wednesday, Sir John will be sworn in as the new LG at Castle Rushen in a ceremony which will be broadcast live online.

And it may not be this week, but a date for your diaries, Paul Moulton will be hosting the Positive Action Group’s Chief Ministerial hustings on Monday October 11, which since we have no vote as to who will take on the top job, this is the public’s best chance to grill the men or women who step forward in a bid to steer the ship for the next five years.

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