New House of Keys Sworn in

The island’s new 24 MHKs have, this morning, been sworn in by Deemsters Andrew Corlett and John Needham.

With several new members, the public gallery was fairly packed as friends and family members gathered to see their loved ones swear their oaths and sign their name to the register.

The sitting was presided over by First Deemster Andrew Corlett who spoke briefly at the start of the sitting.

Constituencies were then called in alphabetical order, this first video covers Arbory, Castletown and Malew through to Douglas South.

The second video covers Garff to Rushen.

Your MHKs are:

Arbory Castletown and Malew: Jason Moorhouse and Tim Glover

Ayre & Michael: Alf Cannan and Tim Johnston

Douglas Central: Ann Corlett and Chris Thomas

Douglas East: Joney Faragher and Clare Barber

Douglas North: David Ashford and John Wannenburgh

Douglas South: Sarah Maltby and Claire Christian

Garff: Daphne Caine and Andrew Smith

Glenfaba & Peel: Kate Lord-Brennan and Tim Crookall

Onchan: Rob Callister and Julie Edge

Ramsey: Lawrie Hooper and Dr Alex Allinson

Rushen: Juan Watterson and Dr Michelle Haywood

And much has been made of the 10 women MHKs, here they are:

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