This week we’re saying goodbye to Peggy, whose home on Loch Promenade was the scene of many a shag on the prom.

While Peggy might be moving out, she’s leaving room for one hell of a legend: Kevin McAllister. This Christmas, Filthy Animals will be taking over the space on prom for seasonal shenanigans. 

This isn’t Peggy’s with a bit of tinsel. This is a whole new concept, with a whole new layout and completely new design. No more photos with the neons: instead there will be a Christmas paradise inspired by one of the greatest Christmas films of all time.

We’ve all been to a bar around Christmas when it just feels like… any other time of the year. At Filthy Animals you can expect full festivities: with themed cocktails, gifts and the All-American junk food classic, the hot dog. 

This is also a perfect spot for a Christmas do. Whether you’re just wanting to spend a couple of hours with some cocktails before your Christmas dinner, or be home alone with the whole company by renting out the whole McAllister mansion. Grab yourself or your favourite colleague a drink- though be conscious that getting someone a Nosy little Pervert or a Les Incompetents might not go down well. 

Speaking to Gef, Jamie Lewis, Managing Director of Extra Fancy said, “At Extra Fancy, we love Christmas and a bit of 90s nostalgia: and nothing quite captures them both like Home Alone. Filthy Animals has been designed to bring a bit of fun to the island this Christmas, using a lot of creativity to make something spectacular. The night-time economy has suffered immensely in the last year, and it’s resulted in the industry having to constantly adapt, evolve and create something new.” 

If you’re interested in visiting Filthy Animals, register your interest at or like them on Facebook and Instagram (

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