Light up the Sky

Peel’s annual bonfire and fireworks display has been schedule for the end of this month. The bonfire on the beach starts from 7pm and the fireworks start from 7.30pm with the promenade and headland making spots to watch from. The event is held a week early to allow for use of the breakwater for the fireworks display.

Social Security Survey

A survey has been launched today which aims to understand why some people choose to collect their benefits and pension in cash using the MiCard system, rather than have them paid directly into a bank account or on to a pre-paid card.

The short survey covers a total of eight questions which seek to gather directly the views of recipients and help the Social Security team and Isle of Man Post Office plan the provision of future service. Everyone collecting benefits and pensions at a sub post office will be encouraged to take part, and paper copies will be available to fill in at all post offices and the Social Security reception areas at Markwell House in Douglas and Ramsey Town Hall. Pre-paid envelopes will also be available for the surveys to be returned.

The survey document is also available to view and complete online at the Government’s consultation hub –– where it may also be downloaded. Alternatively, written comments can be emailed to or sent by post to MiCard Survey, Social Security, First Floor Markwell House, Market Street, Douglas. The survey will close on October 31.

Treasury Opposition

Treasury Minister Alf Cannan voted against CoMen’s decision to spend £1.3m on replacement bridges for the island’s heritage trail.

The bridges, which are to be built at Glen Wyllin, Glen Mooar and across the A1 near Ballaleece, St John’s, are being built on the sites of which were once railway bridges which linked St John’s to Ramsey. They are to improve access to the trail for cyclists, walkers, horse riders and people with limited mobility as part of the gov’s Active Travel Strategy.

Approval for the bridges was granted by ministers after the application was considered by an independent planning inspector. The application was made by the DoI, but included land which is partly owned by the DEFA and as such, had to be decided by the gov. However the two ministers, Geoffrey Boot and Tim Baker were not part of the consideration due to the conflict of their departments roles.

An FoI by Gef revealed that Mr Cannan voted against the plan when it was discussed in CoMin.

Heritage Open Day

Douglas Borough Council will be supporting Manx National Heritage’s open day programme by opening the doors of the town hall to the public on Friday and Saturday this week.

Now in its 12th year, Manx National Heritage’s open days celebrate the wealth of heritage to be found in buildings and sites across the island not usually open to the public.

The open days will provide the public with a unique opportunity to  meet the Mayor of Douglas, Raina Chatel and the Mayoress, Deidre Chatel, together with members and officers, to discover the stories behind some of the town hall’s collection of artwork, artefacts and ceremonial items, view some of the original hand-drawn plans of the town hall and learn about the fascinating history of this landmark building that has been at the centre of civic life in the borough since 1900.  Guided tours of the town hall are already fully booked; any spaces made available by cancellations will be advertised via the council’s social media channels.

However, the council chamber, Mayor’s parlour and the committee room will be open to the public on Friday October 8 and Saturday October 9 from 11am to 2pm.


Billie Eilish has been announced as the first headliner for the 2022 Glastonbury Festival. The pop star first hinted at the news on Instagram, where she posed in a Glastonbury hoodie, with the caption ‘2022’. Organiser Emily Eavis later confirmed the booking, and said the 20-year-old would be ‘the youngest solo headliner in our history’.

Traffic Lights

Don’t forget, the UK’s traffic light system has been axed as of today. Click here to see what that means for your holidays.

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