The island’s next Chief Minister looks set to be either Education Minister Dr Alex Allinson or Treasury Minister Alf Cannan.

As nominations closed at 5pm, they were the only two candidates to be put forward for the top job, with the winner due to be confirmed next Tuesday.

Dr Allinson has been proposed by Rushen MHK Dr Michelle Haywood and Mr Cannan has been proposed by Douglas East MHK Clare Barber.

Both candidates are expected to publish their manifestos for gov on Thursday before facing a number of hustings events over the next week. Gef will be covering the Positive Action Group meeting on Monday October 11, just hours before MHKs pick the new Chief.

In a letter to members, Dr Allinson said: ‘Whilst there must be time for analysis, I believe that Government was increasingly seen as detached and insular both by Members and the public. The centralisation of decision making and control at the start of the pandemic last year has been allowed to continue for too long. I am also concerned that the communications strategy increasingly became reactive and excluded open scrutiny from our media. As a Minister for the last 18 months I have tried to work from the inside to effect change, correct errors and admit to mistakes. What we need now is less hubris and more humility. We need to break the mould that has existed in Tynwald for decades and have a socially progressive agenda driven by a more open and accountable government.’

We have no had any statement shared from Mr Cannan.

Who Gets a Vote?

Very simple actually, not us. The taxpaying public have no vote when it comes to picking the new Chief, with the decision resting with the new look House of Keys. To win, a candidate will need to get 13 votes. Here Speaker Juan Watterson explains more:

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