With Kate Lord-Brennan and Jane Poole-Wilson moving down from LegCo to the Keys, their former seats in the island’s unelected chamber are now up for grabs.

The two people chosen to replace the new MHKs will only be in place until February 2023 when they will have to ask MHKs for another five years. To win one of these prizes, you need to be nominated and then hope to get the backing of 13 MHKs.

As per the rules for such occasions, Speaker Juan Watterson, has determined that an election will be the first item of business at the sitting of the House of Keys at 10am on Tuesday November 23. Nominations are now open and they will close at 12pm on Thursday November 4.

What Does An MLC Do?

An MLC’s job is to add an extra layer of scrutiny to legislation. Although Bills can start in LegCo, by convention they usually start in the Keys. The award for doing this job comes in the form of a salary of £63,776 per year. This is less than MHKs are paid which was done because MLCs don’t also have to serve their constituents.

President of Tynwald, Laurence Skelly has been tasked by Tynwald with encouraging a wide variety of candidates to come forward for this election and to make the process as accessible as possible.

‘He said: Tynwald should be representative of the community it serves. Legislative Council is elected by the House of Keys not the island’s electorate, nevertheless it should reflect as far as possible the different groups which make up the population of the Isle of Man. The Legislative Council has previously led the way in beginning to increase diversity and once again participation by candidates who are not already known to Members of Tynwald or who otherwise might feel less able to put themselves forward is encouraged.

‘Ultimately it is up to the House of Keys to elect the best people for the job. For my part, I want to ensure that MHKs have the broadest possible range of candidates to choose from, and will be happy to speak to anyone who wishes to find out more about any aspect of the role.’

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