Welcome to the Victoria Scone’s Drag Race roundup. 

Oh- it’s not Victoria’s show? Please, God, someone tell the producers.

Here I’d quickly like to point out that I like Victoria, and I certainly don’t think she manufactured the show to be centred around her this week. But two unfortunate incidents involving Victoria this week filled the show with enough drama to fill a whole episode of mid-noughties primetime drama Waterloo road. We’ll call these two incidents the A plot and the B plot. 

In the A plot, we see the consequences from last week’s surprise lip sync between Victoria and Krystal. There was no way that Victoria could be accused of not giving it her all (again, in my humble opinion, she should have won that lip-sync) and she was suffering because of it: as she fell to the ground, she damaged one of her knees.

This was brought up continuously throughout the episode, giving Victoria the same energy of someone who pitches up to school with crutches and a cast to sign. Yeah, we get it Victoria, you’ll be missing PE for the next few weeks. You might be shit in this week’s challenges. We know.

The B plot revolved around the challenge at the beginning of the show. Krystal, who deemed Victoria her biggest rival- then decided to just call Victoria ‘big’ instead. It was a ridiculously bitchy comment, but in a moment where Krystal was encouraged to be shady, you can almost understand why she thought it was okay to make the comment. Even so, watching someone thin and attractive call Victoria ‘big’ was deeply uncomfortable, and this was somehow exacerbated by the fact that she is the only cisgender woman in the competiton.

Of course, after a lot of tension, this was resolved by a conversation between the wiser, older Victoria and the young Krystal, where Krystal learned the effect her words can have: especially when those words are fatphobic. Did it begin to feel like an afterschool special with an obvious moral? A bit. Was it a necessary conversation? Absolutely.

So beyond the drama, there was an actual show with actual challenges. The maxi challenge was a deranged ‘Dragaton’: a heavily choreographed sketch (I guess?) parodying Peloton: a brand only familiar to us mere peasants from those adverts. Guest judge Oti Mabuse (an absolute charm) helped the queens with their dancing, but ultimately the challenge left little to interpretation and a lot to be desired. Considering that during previous seasons, equivalent challenges allowed us to see the personality and skills come through, this really didn’t demonstrate much. 

The runway was equally disappointing: category was red carpet. This feels like the sort of theme you’d come up with for a party if you really wanted to rewear your prom dress. And that’s kind of what it looked like. Stand outs in what was an uninspired runway was Krystal Versace- who oozed glamour, Ella Veday whose vintage inspired look captured the theme perfectly, and Charity Kase, who, once again, took a creative and original approach to the theme. 

In the end, Krystal won another RuPeter badge (a fair choice) and Elektra Fence found herself once again in the lip sync, alongside Vanity Milan. With a solid lipsync to M people’s Moving on Up, Elektra could not survive another lip sync. Shame. 

Things did not end here, however. We learned that health is wealth and that, should a doctor judge her not fit to participate, then Victoria Scone will have to leave the competition. A cliff hanger to an impressively mediocre episode. 

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