Tynwald to Appoint Temp Commissioner?

With the local authority elections in July leaving some seats unfilled, Tynwald will this month be asked to approve a temporary appointment to Ballaugh Parish Commissioners.

Members will be asked by the DoI to approve that former chair Sarah Teare-Kermeen be appointed to the board on a temporary basis until a new member can be elected and sworn in.

Mrs Teare-Kermeen, who had previously served on the commissioner, has agreed to be appointed as a member on a temporary basis to ensure that the authority is allowed to sit.

When the election was called, only Stephen Curphey and Liz Nicholson put themselves forward to serve on the board, leaving it with three empty seats. Because of this, the two members are not allowed to sit as the board is not quorate.

The DoI after consulting with the members of the authority has made the order under section 19 of the Local Elections Act 1986.

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