With our 24 MHKs due to pick our new Chief Min next week, the Positive Action Group is hosting a hustings debate to allow the public to grill the two candidates for the job.

It is expected that either Dr Alex Allinson or Alf Cannan will be the new Chief Minister as they are the only two nominees for the job.

In a live debate, the public can hear them explain their policies and vision for the future of the island from 7.30 pm Monday at the Manx Legion Club, Market Hill, Douglas

After a brief introduction by each candidate, the audience will be given the opportunity to raise questions with them.

Roger Tomlinson of PAG said: ‘Five years ago we held a similar CM Hustings meeting and it was a huge success. Being live, and not confined to a studio setting, the audience can not only hear fine words but also judge the body language of the candidates. We hope that the public will submit them to a rigorous examination. It is not often that the people get such an opportunity. We are pleased to say that Paul Moulton has agreed to chair the discussion and questions.’

Gef will also be covering the event similarly to how we covered the General Election meetings, with questions and answered posted online shortly after the meeting finished on Monday night.

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