Sending Students Home ‘a Last Resort’

Education Minister Dr Alex Allinson has said that if absence levels continue to rise in schools across the island then some year groups to work on set work from home, but this would only be a last resort.

Plans to prevent disruption to face-to-face lessons are remaining in place after a small number of schools reported high student and staff absence levels this week.

The majority of staff and students were unable to attend due to winter illnesses such as colds and flu, but vomiting bugs and Covid are also causes and the gov said it is working with schools and UCM to cover staff absences.

Dr Allinson said: ‘This is a difficult time of year with winter illnesses spreading easily amongst young people. We are aware of some schools, particularly secondary schools, struggling more than others and are doing what we can to help. If absence levels continue to rise in some these settings then we might be forced to ask agreed year groups to work on set work from home. However, this would be a last resort.’

All educational settings maintain proportionate measures, including enhanced ventilation, carbon dioxide monitors and extra hygiene, and secondary students and all staff are encouraged to wear a face covering and take two lateral flow tests each week. So far this term, 358 positive cases of Covid (328 students and 30 staff) have been confirmed within schools and UCM, but in recent weeks the number of people unable to attend due to other illnesses has risen sharply in some schools.

If any student or staff member feels unwell they should notify their school and stay at home. Anyone displaying Covid symptoms should call 111 or arrange a PCR test online

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  1. There has been 17 staff off with covid at our school, so I think 30 is a very conservative effort, no ait quailty monitors and no encouragement to wear face coverings.

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