Ahead of Tuesday’s vote to pick a new Chief Minister, Gef sat down with Treasury Minister Alf Cannan and Education, Sport and Culture Minister Dr Alex Allinson.

The House of Keys will choose the new Chief on Tuesday. To win, a candidate needs to gain the support of 13 MHKs.

While Mr Cannan and Dr Allinson are the only two confirmed nominees, it is possible that neither could get to the magic 13 figure and a third candidate could come through the middle. It’s been done before and while it’s often said history doesn’t repeat, but it does rhyme.

First up, Mr Cannan:

And secondly, Dr Allinson:

Gef will also be attending the Positive Action Group meeting at the Manx Legion Club at 7.30pm on Monday evening and we will upload videos from that meeting shortly after it finished. In the meantime, if you have strong feelings about who should be the island’s next Chief Minister, tell your MHK, they’re the only ones who get a vote!

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