With little over 12 hours to go before the House of Keys sits to vote on who should replace Howard Quayle as Chief Minister, Dr Alex Allinson and Alf Cannan faced the public at a special meeting organised by the Positive Action Group.

Nothing we can do about the sound unfortunately, it is what it is.

Much like the election meetings we covered last month (yes really that was only one month ago), the evening began with some introductory statements.

First question from the audience focussed on housing and whether either candidates would seek to flex their political muscles to improve the island’s housing crisis.

Next up was a question on civil liberties and whether the island went too far in punishing those who were convicted of Covid breaches last year?

Linking in slightly to the first question, when will we see development on brownfield sites?

Every gov has to have priorities, Dr Allinson and Mr Cannan were asked what theirs would be?

We all want to see joined up gov and we all have experiences of where it falls down, but how can it be improved?

Often forgotten are those people who are full time carers, paid a pittance in allowances despite the thousands they save the taxpayer, what more should be done to help them?

A mix of four questions here, but the last one was directed firmly at the collapse of Dr Allinson’s vote in Ramsey compared to 2016.

How can education on the island be improved?

Is a single legal entity the way forward and how would the two men seek to grow the economy?

A quick interjection from host Paul Moulton, well he had to have one, what to do with the DoI?

How will you hold senior civil servants to account?

A Tynwald report into the island’s legal profession was fairly damming earlier this year, but will anything be done about it? This section also includes the closing of the meeting.

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