The weeks of gossip and rumour are over and Alf Cannan is the island’s new Chief Minister.

Mr Cannan defeated Dr Alex Allinson by 14 votes to 8 at this morning’s sitting of the House of Keys. There were two spoiled ballots, those of Chris Thomas and John Wannenburgh.

With his confirmation as the new Chief, Mr Cannan speak to Gef to discuss his plans for creating his new Council of Ministers, what he expects to happen next around the proposed 27.5% increase in gas prices and Speaker Juan Watterson’s proposal for a public inquiry into the gov handling of Covid.

Nominating Mr Cannan, Douglas East MHK told the House that, contrary to what many on the outside may think, neither candidate engaged in any horse trading (offering jobs for votes) ahead of today’s sitting. Mr Cannan’s nomination was seconded by Glenfaba and Peel MHK Kate Lord-Brennan who referenced Billy Ocean in her speech, saying ‘when the going get’s tough, the tough get’s going’.

Following this MHKs went to a vote which saw Mr Cannan elected.

However, when it came to a second supplementary vote, both Manx Labour Party MHKs, leader Joney Faragher and Douglas South MHK Sarah Maltby voted, for the second time, against Mr Cannan’s nomination. They explained to Gef that having voted against him once, they weren’t going to chance their vote.

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